Friday, 8 June 2018

Taking Time Out

Hey gals and guys!

So, I know it's been ages since I've written a blog post (a whole 3 months!!!!) but life just sometimes piles up on you and you find that you have little or no time to have to yourself.
I just thought I would write a little update post about my life over the past few months, as well as discussing the importance of taking time out.
I have just finished second year at Uni (can I get a cheer please?), and obviously this took up a fair bit of my time. I have also managed to get myself a new job and have been doing as many shifts as I can, in an attempt to fund my somewhat expensive lifestyle (I just love nandos ok?). Along with the everyday stressors of life I haven't had the time, nor mustered up the energy to sit down and actually use my brain to write a blog post.
As much as I wanted to open my laptop and write down my thoughts here on this blog, I decided that with everything else that was going on, it was time to prioritise and my blog just didn't make the cut. This doesn't mean I've lost my passion for writing, I was just fed up writing uni assignments and the last thing I wanted to do was spend my free time writing MORE! A couple of weeks have now passed since my final exam and it's finally time to get my writing head screwed back on.

I am a firm believer of taking time out for yourself and prioritising life without any unnecessary guilt. I often book in 'mental health days' with myself, where I spend the majority of the day alone, doing some sort of exercise, eating well and staying off social media. I also treat it as a kind of 'life admin day' and check off things from my to do list that have been niggling away at me. This time allows me reconnect with myself and deal with any problems that I may be facing. I knew my uni work had to come first and because of this it meant I pushed a lot of things - including blog writing - to the side in order to focus on what was important. I also tend to do this with my social life as well and willingly shut myself off from others in order to focus on myself. As selfish as it may seem, I tend to put my mental health and wellbeing before anything else, and if I didn't do this I think i'd be a bit loopy! I have written previous blog posts on my experience with anxiety (you can find that post here) and through trial and error I've learnt that this is the most effective way that I can deal with stressful times and keep my anxiety at bay. When exams finished, my boyfriend and I went on a mini holiday to the Lake District for a week of fresh air and exercise. I even treated myself to a massage to relax - which I have never ever done by the way! We have just got back and I feel energised and at peace after a stressful few months.

Taking time out doesn't have to involve unnecessary expenses or time. If you aren't in a position where you can take a lot of time out for yourself, sometimes even just 10 minutes a day is sufficient. As long as you focus on yourself long enough to stop you from going a little bit insane, every minute counts!
This post is shorter than my usual ramblings, but I have a ton of content planned for the summer and I am super excited to share it all with you!

Thanks for reading.

Lou Katherine x

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