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Recently, the lovely people over at Fresh Handmade Cosmetics sent me some of their products to try and review for you guys. My main focus for this year was to use more natural products on my body and hair, as I am aware of the detrimental effects that products full of chemicals can have.
Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is a company that work to produce natural, non-toxic, cruelty free products that are sustainable for our environment.

 They offer a range of hair and body care products, for every type of skin and hair type. The company have the innovative idea of using 'shampoo bars' as an alternative to regular shampoo and conditioner. There is a different shampoo bar for every hair type, and the website gives in depth detail into which shampoo bar you should choose for your own requirements. Each shampoo bar has different benefits, whether that's for taming frizzy hair, faster growth, reduced dandruff or more volume. The website allows you to read up on each individual shampoo bar and select the one that has the benefits that you require. The website is extremely helpful in aiding you in your choice of product.

I suffer from very dry and heat damaged hair, so I loved the Coconut Milk Bar the most, as this strengthened and moisturised my hair and left it feeling so soft and salon shiny. As well as this, the coffee shampoo bar gave my hair extra thickness and volume, which was much needed.
As well as shampoo bars, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics also sells a variety of different body soaps as well as natural deodorants. Just like the shampoo bars, there is a selection of different body soaps, tailored to your individual preferences. For example the Chamomile and Calendula Soap is a calming soap and it's ingredients help with skin conditions such as eczema, sensitive skin and insect bites. The Goats Milk and Carrot Soap is best for those suffering with dry skin, which at this time of year is extremely common! These soaps left my skin feeling so smooth and nourished, and they have a very subtle scent, nothing too over-powering.
I was extremely impressed by the quality of these products. As I have never used natural shampoo bars or body soaps before, I wasn't sure what to expect or how effective they actually were. After using them consistently for two weeks, I am so impressed with the results that I have had and I will definitely be swapping out all my usual body washes and shampoos, for these natural products.
The people over at Fresh Handmade Cosmetics were extremely helpful in explaining how to use the shampoo bars and the benefits of these. If you have any questions for them, you can find all their contact details on their website, or on their twitter page.
Again, I would just like to thank the people over at Fresh Handmade Cosmetics for sending me over these products to try, I really enjoyed using them and will continue to love them.

Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Website
Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Twitter Page

Lou Katherine x

*This post is sponsored by Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, but all opinions are my own. All images my own. 

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